Making Money From Cannabis ProductsMaking Money From Cannabis Products

Making Money From Cannabis Products

Affiliate marketing is a way of generating income by referring traffic to other sites, if a sale is made you get a percentage of the sale ( also called commission).
*Choose cannabis affiliate programs with multi-tiered payouts, which means, payment for sales and referring new affiliates to promote the program. This will insure residual income.

*Look for cannabis affiliate programs with long-term cookies. Cookies will insure that if your customer does not purchase today, the sale will be yours if they purchase later.

*Check the terms of payout and how often. Most programs pay monthly, but some pay bi-weekly or weekly.

*Choose cannabis affiliate programs with commissions that will better than match the return on the time and expense you choose to put into marketing your products.


Choosing a cannabis & marijuana niche…

There are a number of routes you could take when marketing cannabis & marijuana related products & services. Some affiliates have great success marketing e-books on clickbank relating to growing cannabis & even quitting cannabis.  Typically these websites are simple 1 page sites or “squeeze” pages.

Another popular route is selling cannabis seeds as souvenirs, with up to 25% commission and an average order value of $120 this can be a nice affiliate earner.  Many cannabis seedbanks provide CSV data feeds and a good web developer can create a great looking e-commerce website from this data.

The hardware side of things includes vapes, bongs, grinders, t-shirts and just about any other merchandise relating to cannabis & marijuana. There is much to choose from and its all about doing the keyword research, finding a small but profitable niche and marketing it better than the current offerings.

The non-tangiable goods. These include marijuana tourism, marijuana courses, financial goods or services such as payment providers or accounting solutions specifically tailored to the growing marijuana industry.